Tips For Selective Breeding Of Domestic Cats

Breeding a cat is a process that requires serious consideration before undertaking due to several reasons. First of all, there are basic ones; do you have a nice home for your kittens, do you have money to buy them food or time to play with them? Also, can you handle a large number of unruly kittens running around the house?

Breeding of domestic cats

After answering basic considerations, you also ought to look at inherited disorders. Just like human beings, cats can suffer. Usually, these disorders can be found in pedigree breeds because of selective breeding, often what is known as inbreeding.

Genetic testing

Genetic testintg23erdf6y3w7du28ik22g is something you may be familiar with. It can be done on human beings and cats as well. In this case, you look for particular genes that are associated with the inherited conditions. These tests can confirm the genetic basis of cat and determine whether the cat is a carrier of such conditions and whether they will be exhibited in their kittens.

You should note that certain disorders are just inherited and can be passed to kittens that have disorders. Other can be more complicated as multiple genes are involved. Also, there are others where a certain combination of genes can cause serious problems. It is important to note that certain genetic disorders are common in particular regions of the world.

DNA testing can cover certain aspects parentage of the cat and coat colors and even complicated disorders.

Picking a stud

This is a mtg2w3erd6fhye7dfuj238e9i2o0ale cat that will take your female cat in hopes that they breed. When you are choosing a stud, do not just choose the nearest one from where you are living. Instead, you need to study pedigree of cats, which are involved in carrying out genetic testing. In this way, you can determine whether there are potential negative pairings like any of the cats carrying a given disorder. The other thing to consider is how the stud complements your female cat. For instance, if the female you have does not have great eye color, then you should select a stud has a great eye color. In this way, you can hope that your kitten will have a nice feature.


For several years, inbreeding has been used widely not only in cats but also other animals and birds. The main purpose of inbreeding is to enhance looks or colors of the animal. In fact, here’s the largest cat breeds you should know. Inbreeding can be considered as breeding between the daughter and father or son and mother.