Guide To Buying Guitar Racks

If you own a shiny, beautiful guitar, then you will want to ensure that you adequately protect it, while at the same time still enjoy playing it and seeing it on a regular basis. To do that, you should consider investing in a quality guitar rack. These days, many guitarists will admit that using their guitars has a lot to do with seeing them regularly. Most of them will also say that placing the guitars in their cases is not recommendable for rookie players, simply because they can damage their guitars when constantly placing them and taking them out from the cases. However, if you have children or pets in your home, you will want to keep your guitars away from their sticky fingers and paws.

A good guitar rack will protect your guitars, while at the same time allow you to see them at all times. If you are planning to purchase your first guitar rack, let us help you by providing you with a small guide to buying guitar racks.

Onstage Racks

Onstage guitar racks have a few main features that you should be aware of. When you are onstage, your rack needs to be ablekldfkfieiei7yyyy to hold as many guitars as necessary. Also, an onstage guitar rack must allow you to put down and pick up the guitars easily and quickly, without worrying about weight distribution.

The best onstage racks commonly feature a wide base, which allows a for a large number of guitars. In addition, they also come equipped with quality padding, so as to protect the guitar’s body and neck supports.

Home Racks

If you have adequate room in your home, then you should consider a home guitar rack. The majority of home racks usually feature two or more brackets. They also come in different designs, so as to support different guitar models, whether they are acoustic or electric.

If you want to proudly display your beautiful guitars, then go with a guitar rack. However, if you are a bit short when it comes to the floor space, consider mounting your guitars on your walls with the help of guitar hangers. Their purpose is quite similar to guitar racks, as they can protect your guitars, while at the same time allowing you to see them all the time.

Amp Racks

If you are serious about your guitar playing, a guitar amp rack is a must-have. A guitar amp rack can support your amp model, while at the same time keeping it safe and sound. Even though they are mostly used onstage, and in professional music studios, you can easily get one for your home as well. The majority of modern amp racks are 19-inch models, and they are mainly manufactured from metals, such as steel or aluminum, which provide maximum durability and sturdiness.

Wooden Racks

rueryywwywywyIf you are looking for a more timeless, vintage feel and look, you can also find plenty of fine-looking, high-quality wooden racks. These guitar rack that’s made of wood, that are commonly made from real and sturdy wood and come in a variety of finishes, which include ivory, honey, and dark cherry. You can find racks that are specifically designed to hold a single guitar or models that are designed to hold between 4 and 6 of them. Also, some racks also feature hand pick trays, which means you will always have your favorite pick ready.