Ways To Empower Women To Take Up Corporate Leadership

Over the years, women have been relegated to just the low position in workplaces and having the top positions as a preserve of men. Despite women being equally qualified and well experienced to take up corporate leadership positions, their numbers in the senior posts have been quite low, to say the least. Some companies have made deliberate efforts to have women considered alongside their male counterparts for the top-level leadership positions.

There have been initiatives by some organizations to prepare and empower women for boardrooms. One of such initiatives is by Life Sci Advisors whose aim is to have more women sitting on the board of directors of biotechnology companies. The following are some ways in which women can be empowered to take up corporate leadership positions.

How to empower women to take up corporate leadership

Early mentoring of women

The majority of women lack proper mentoring especially if they have to rely on getting it from their fellow women who are not holding those high positions. Men at the top level should be assigned women in lower levels to mentor them and to help discover their hidden talents.


Overcoming bias

There is a bias among men and women about assuming of high positions. It is believed that naturally the high positions are meant for men, and even some women themselves are contented with that. There should be deliberate efforts to do away with this kind of mindset and to have it made clear that the high positions are to be awarded on merit, so any women who merit can get them.

Friendly working hours

Women are at times locked out of some high-level positions due to their role in the family as the caretakers and homemakers. Companies should consider the women’s social roles and come up with more friendly working hours and even allow staff to work from home for several days in a given period. This would allow more women would to take up the big positions, as they would still manage to attend to their other roles.

Extra family assistance

There is need to have special facilities at the workplace to take care of children while their parents are busy with the company work, especially during times they would be expected to be at home like evenings. Children could have science rooms to experiment and discover things, music and art rooms to keep them occupied productively, play items and so forth. The employee benefits that companies have should consider women needs so that they do not have to choose if to keep the work or drop it to attend to her family roles.


Defining career development path

Some companies have well-articulated career development, and growth path and all employees are rated equally and fairly and promoted on merit. The promotions are for both men and women hence women are not left behind. This also makes women be aware of the higher level positions and make top management to focus on potential leaders in both men and women.

Generally, women can make as good leaders as men if they are given equal chances and if deliberate measures are taken to empower them.